Well, great things don’t last forever- and after Marc and I had to close our shop in L.A., we found ourselves opening  up again during one insidious hot summer with scarcely no visitors to our shop’s new home in Palm Springs, California, our business collapsed.  Some should have told us that summers in Palm Springs are only for those who like living in a furnace while their smarter and perhaps more affluent neighbors retreat to their second homes, perhaps to a place where you can’t cook eggs on a sidewalk.

So now Fast Forward to 2007…

BUT NOW… happily married to Rick Scarms for the last 35 years. Currently, we are owners of Scarms Financial Group, Inc. in Palm Desert. It is still excruciating hot in the summer but business is there throughout the year and we are happy living there.


In June of that year, I got a call from my old friends, the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Miraculously, their band has been reborn and they are back in business-reunited, playing live and needing- guess what? Kurtas.

Now taxes and business consulting has a different rhythm then making costumes for celebrities. It is a clockwork type of business- and I knew I would have to squeeze my custom Kurta couturier activities in between the time-driven, often stressful financial services business. Still… why not? I knew it would be fun and kind of a partial part of my calling here on Planet Earth.

So my home became Designs Because of Sat Purush and I began to frantically make new patterns from scratch, searching for the right fabrics as before and sewing like a mad woman in between the endless tax forms, desperate quarterly deadlines and consultations with clients a hair away from missing critical deadlines.

I had now come full circle forty years later. Sat Purush had reincarnated in my living room, my kitchen and my bedroom- and, yes, there was a dash of bliss here and there.

September of 2007 initiated a new push forward in my resurrected business when the Strawberry Alarm Clock performed Love In: A Musical Celebration, a San Diego theatrical celebration of the music of 1967. Yes, while still on the stage, the Band publicly acknowledged how I and my clothes had helped give the band its unique brand and played an important part in the success of the band.

Photo Credit: Steve Parr

But the Band was just the beginning of these moments of renewal- because I began to receive orders from all over the place- and eventually all over the world- for our legendary kurtas. Eventually, I advanced to thinking about accepting custom orders online and hence our website,

Sensing a renewed interest in our handmade kurtas, I created this website and am currently accepting custom orders online. Whereas like many people, I am alarmed by the various challenges to peace and prosperity throughout the world, I also know, from experience, that massive challenges like these- often generate a spiritual quest on the part of many people.  I think there is a new renaissance in this country- and throughout the world- of people looking for powerful solutions within themselves. That augers well for these kind of clothes, suitable for meditation and assemblies for people interested in spiritual music, conferences and festivals. Besides, kurtas are perennially fun, comfortable clothes. Yes, I think the spiritual quest in this country is again reemerging and people are seeking that calming and comfortable feeling. The time is ripe for the kurta to make a comeback!”