Several years ago, I was on my computer and decided to create a “MySpace” account. Along with some basic information, I included that fact that my 15-minute claim to fame was creating the stage clothes for Strawberry Alarm Clock. Shortly after posting that, I got a call from George Bunnell, one the group’s members. They had been looking for me because they were reuniting and wanted their signature look for their tour. Because my last name was different, it was pretty incredible that George was able to find me. Another karmic moment!

At that time, I was a bit apprehensive about taking on this new task. I had not sewn for a very long time due to rheumatoid arthritis. About 5 years before, however, I had knuckle replacement surgery on both hands, and much to my surprise and  delight, I discovered that sewing was no longer painful.

After creating the new kurtas for the members of the band, I decided to take the plunge and start up my clothing design business again. This time, having been a member of the American Business Women’s Association, the Palm Desert Trendsetter Chapter, for the last 35 years, I had developed much better business skills. I decided to start slow, with an earlier, more primitive version of this website and see where it took me. And now, when I have people from all over the world interested in these fabulous kurtas, they don’t need to come all the way to L.A., they just have to go online. Of course, Sat Purush- I mean the real Sat Purush- was with us all the while- in L.A. and in Palm Desert. But I doubt that He has to go online.  He is always there, watching the dance of his pretty little holograms- and seeing our handiwork pop all over the world once again!


In 1967 as today, Designs Because of Sat Purush have provided the wardrobe and helped define the look of the iconic psychedelic rock band, The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Here is the original cover of the album, Incense & Peppermint shot in the shop itself.

Photo Credit: Ed Caraeff and his assistant Rodney Bingenheimer

But now… times have changed. But the Strawberry Alarm Clock is alive and well and still playing gigs. The boys and I worked hard together to create their 50th anniversary picture- based on the original highly-appreciated album cover! Let’s take a look at how that went!

Here is the new the Strawberry Alarm Clock 50th anniversary picture! The 2017 band revisits 1967 in this photo including (left to right) Howie Anderson who replaced Ed King, original drummer Gene Gunnels, original drummer and lead vocalist Randy Seol, original bassist George Bunnell, original keyboardist Mark Weitz, and honorary original member Steve Bartek. After 50 years,  the Strawberry Alarm Clock is still ticking!



Photo Credit: Robert Jacobs