I hadn’t been to Westwood in several years, while visiting my son, I decided to check out the area & see how much it had changed. Not much going on compared to all the action it use to see back in the late ’60s where we would walk up to the Village & hang out with a bunch of friends & check out all the cool head-shops & other boutiques.


We drove by the old shop on the corner of Westwood Blvd & Rochester (a few blocks below Wilshire). Years after Sat Purush closed down the Sisterhood Bookstore moved in for several years and the last business to occupy that space was a packing/shipping store, and is currently for lease.

This is where it all began, where we first rented the small space for the shop and then after a few months, took over the corner area of the building and another section on the Rochester side of the building.

I pointed out that the upstairs area right above our shop was a fantastic Indonesian restaurant called The Loft. As we walked up the stairs to check out the rest of the building I pointed out another space where we eventually moved our sewing room.

We took a bunch of photos & then got back in the car drove around the area as I reminisced how it use to be. Great memories of friends who traveled in and out of the doors of Sat Purush to visit & ponder over the spiritual aspects of life, customers stopping in to buy kurtas, caftans or our oversized pillows, the Strawberry Alarm Clock getting fitted for their stage clothes & setting up for the photo shoot of their first album, Incense & Peppermints and George Harrison venturing in to buy up most of the clothes & just hanging around lounging on our huge pillows in the front window. All of this happened in just a few short years during the psychedelic era of the ’60s.