Back in the ‘60s, we were young and had no idea about what it took to open a business. All we knew is that we had a vision, $250 for the rent, the creativity and a drive to do something different. We just knew that once we found the perfect location, everything else would fall into place…and it did.

As we worked on putting the shop together, painting walls, sewing kurtas & decorating, people would pop their heads in to check us out. Everyone loved what we were doing and gave us lots of encouragement.  In the beginning while we were putting it together, we slept in the backroom on our oversized pillow & had an electrical hotplate to cook on. That lasted for a few weeks until we actually opened up for business.  During that time, we had a dear friend, Linda, who lived up in the hills of Beverly Glen, and she invited us to stay with her.

Marc, Cathy, Vince & Linda (From Left to Right)

Shortly after we opened, a young Indian woman named Urmila, happened to walk by our shop and noticed the Indian overtones and was intrigued by the kurtas with bright paisley colors  and the Indian decor. She decided to pop in and see what was going on.



Another Amazing Person Joins Our Team

Her husband was a Political Science student at UCLA and she said she was looking for a job. We immediately offered her a position as a salesperson. Our personalities all clicked and she jumped at the opportunity. Urmila was one more powerful pillar in the team we were building Because of Sat Purush.