Beatles Fan, Rodney Bingenheimer : My Groovy Visit with George Harrison… and a Trip to Sat Purush!

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“George wanted to walk to Sat Purush, an Indian shop on West End Boulevard, It was the first chance he’d gotten in all these years to just walk on an American street. That’s pretty funny, isn’t it, when he’d been over here so often? Well, walk we did, and everyone was great. They just smiled and waved and nobody tried to mob him. George really liked everyone because they were so nice to him.

George started trying on just about everything in Sat Purush. He was running all around the store in his underwear — he even went into the window display in his underwear to try on shoes! It was pretty funny!

There were some people sitting on the sidewalk right outside Sat Purush and George went out and sat with them for a little while, right on the street. All of them were talking and there were other people walking around them — some of them recognized George and some didn’t but everyone was real cool about the whole thing.”

from My Groovy Visit with George Harrison
by Rodney Bingenheimer

credited only to ‘one of those Teen magazines in the late 1960’s’

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